1. Are all Cats for Gold cats up to scratch?

Absolutely! All our cats are guaranteed feline through and through: that's 100% purrity.

2. Are cats a better investment than gold?

Without a doubt! Does your old gold watch merely tick instead of lick? Can your heirloom groom? Will your gold ring chase string? Swap your gold for cats at Cats4Gold and you'll get so much more in return. In fact, with many of our cats, you'll get an extra deposit!

Investment advice: remember, cats can go up as well as down.

3. Should I let the cat out of the bag?

We'd advise it. It will last that much longer.

4. Will I get the best deal from Cats4Gold?

Naturally! Swapping with Cats 4 Gold means catisfaction guaranteed. But don't take our word for it: 10 out of 10 cats that expressed a purreference were happy to recommend us – once they'd finished their nap.

5. Will you take any old gold for cats?

Indupurrtibly! Gold rings, chains, necklaces, earrings singly or in pairs, pendants, bangles, lockets, watches, cufflinks, coins and even dental gold – we'll convert them all into much more valuable cats of all shapes and sizes.

Remember: if it's gold and it glistens, we'll post you cats or kittens!

6. Are all your cats handpicked?

Yes, we always pick up our cats by hand.

7. I only have a little gold.

You'll only get a little cat.

8. Are you spinning a line?

Send us your gold and we'll mail you a tail (attached to a cat, of course). Pussibly.

9. I have lots of cats, can I exchange them for gold?

No, sorry. Cats for gold only accepts gold. You're probably looking for Cats2Gold.

10. What is the shelf life of your cats?

That will depend on how comfortable the shelf is for napping. It could be 2 minutes, maybe half-an-hour.

11. Could I get dogs for gold?

What a bizarre idea! Why would anyone want to swap gold for a dog?


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