We have pussies galore – and we're ready to swap them for gold!

Bored with your bullion? Does gold leave you cold?

Then you’ve landed on your feet – because at Cats4Gold we’ll convert your gold jewellery and rings into cute furry things. That’s right! If you’re crazy about cats, we’re just plain crazy, so we’ll swap your gold for cats.

Don’t keep your bling if a cat’s more your thing.

Why should I swap my gold for cats?

Gold is so yesterday; even Tutankhamun was only seen dead in it. Nowadays the smart folks around town are sending us their gold and exchanging what’s passé for pussies.

Just ask the fashion divas what’s hot on the catwalk – gold’s not as alluring as something that’s purring!

Do it meow, exchange your gold ‘n’ rocks for a cat in a box.

Don’t paws for a moment – send us your gold!

Why bother with cash for gold when you can get Cats4Gold? Wouldn’t you rather have a moggy than lolly? A bundle of fluff instead of folding stuff? We promise you the best pawssible rates, with the most pussycat for your unwanted gold scrap and jewellery

Remember, at Cats4Gold we pawsitively guarantee a fur exchange.

Sitting on a goldmine? Turn it into something feline.

How do you get cats for gold?

It’s easy. Weigh your gold, count your blessings and ask us for a quote. We’ll work out what’s due to you using the latest IMF (International Moggy Fund) exchange rates – you can check what they are in our News Litter. Or look out for the Breaking Mews.

If you’re happy and particularly purr-leased, send us your gold. Within 24 hours, send you the best pussible swap in cats and kittens. The whole process is fair and secure, and recorded on CCTV (Cat Close-Up Television). There are no fees or fleas – you can trust us not to claw anything back.

Had your gold long enough? Get a bundle of fluff!

No cats were harmed, mildly disturbed or even woken from their naps during the making of this website.


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