Cat Converters launches new website for cash-strapped cat owners

01 Apr, 2012

Cat Converters

Cat Converters

Impecunious pussycat owners can now use their pets to claw back cash, with the launch of the new Cat Converters website at

Pawn your pussy

The Cat Converters website goes live on April 1st and offers cat owners who are feeling the pinch, the opportunity to pawn their pussy. A financial lifeline for fiscally challenged feline custodians, Cat Converters promises to ‘swap something furry for dosh in a hurry’, via its unique ‘instant cat cashing’.

Top swaps

As well as converting cats into cash, is offering to swap other items for that surplus puss, such as an easy chair for a Longhair, or curtains for Persians.

Alternative service

Cat Converters is an offshoot of, which describes itself as “the nation’s favourite specialist cat buyer”. While purports to purchase pusses, Cat Converters is aimed at owners who don’t want to sell their cat outright, but would prefer to pawn their puss temporarily.

Economic furrcast

“Money is tight but cats are flexible,” says Cat Converter Spokesperson, Robert Cattinson. “So if your pennies won’t stretch to payday, maybe your cat can make ends meet. By allowing people to pawn their pussies, we’re providing a valuable service. At last there’s a glimmer of light in the recession, because you can get folding stuff for your bundle of fluff.”

Quantitative teasing

When asked whether Cat Converters was genuine and would really loan money on moggies, the Spokesperson replied, “Make your own mind up. Why else would we launch a business on April 1st?”



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