‘Gold Traders’ Company Behind Spoof Cat Exchange Website

04 Aug, 2011

Cats4Gold kitten, ready for shipping

Cats4Gold kitten, ready for shipping

It would seem that the 2,085 people who attempted to exchange their gold for cats will be disappointed, as one of the UK’s leading gold exchange websites has admitted that they are the ones behind the hilarious spoof website Cats4Gold.com.

Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd has revealed that they created the amusing site, which promises 100% catisfaction for customers exchanging gold for a fault-free feline friend.

The idea behind Cats4Gold.com came after the founders of Gold-Traders saw the cash for gold marketplace had become exceedingly crowded, with companies spending huge sums of money on advertising and promising customers ‘top prices’ for their gold.

These expensive advertising campaigns resulted in low payouts for customers, with the main companies paying as little as 20% of the market value for unwanted gold. Gold Traders therefore took a different approach and aimed to rely on word of mouth recommendations, so had to think outside the (litter) box and come up with a memorable campaign to attract customers.

Cats4Gold.com was subsequently born, relying on humour to inform the general public about the rip-off cash for gold companies who use clever marketing, but don’t give customers the right amount for the real value of their gold. Cats4Gold is ultimately a spoof website, but can direct users to Gold Traders to get an up-front quote for their gold without having to send their items first. The site indeed recently saw a dramatic increase in the number of people that weren’t interested in getting money in exchange for their gold, and wanted a pet kitty instead.

Gold-Traders.co.uk offer the fastest and simplest way to exchange gold for cash, and the site promises to give customers one of the best deals available out there. Unlike larger companies, who take much of the earnings for themselves, Gold Traders promise to give customers the vast majority of the amount their gold is worth.

Much like Cats4Gold.com, Gold-Traders.co.uk operates a simple three step system when it comes to claiming your kitty. All visitors to the site need to do is to fill in a form on the website, send off their gold and wait for their cash (or cats) to be delivered straight to their door.

Phil Williams, Managing Director of Gold Traders, had the following to say:

“Cats4Gold.com was just an idea that snowballed into something much bigger! We’ve been amazed at the sheer number of people that have actually attempted to exchange their gold for cats. As much as we’d like to be able to fulfil their wishes, I’m afraid the was all just a bit of fun.”

He continued:

“We at Gold-Traders.co.uk try to offer one of the best rates out there, without any hidden fees or charges. We promise to give you the best deal for your gold possible, unlike many of the bigger gold trading websites out there who take a large cut for themselves. Check out our website to see just how much money you can really get for your gold.”




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