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Why cat owners won’t be buying the new Mac Pro

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Tru-Life Kitty Konfessions

Source: Gemma Correll

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Why Cats Rule the Internet


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Cat Converters launches new website for cash-strapped cat owners

Impecunious pussycat owners can now use their pets to claw back cash, with the launch of the new Cat Converters website at Pawn your pussy The Cat Converters website goes live on April 1st and offers cat owners who are feeling the pinch, the opportunity to pawn their pussy. A financial lifeline for fiscally […]

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Boots ‘n’ Cats

This YouTube video has it all… The two most important things in life. Probably.

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No longer smitten with your kitten? Then flog your feline on

Had enough of your bundle of fluff? Above all, you want to pass on your puss with a minimum of fuss? That’s why, in a moment of warped inspiration, we created – the cat buying service that’s so good, it’s unreal. The newly launched website has started a craze for animal lovers pretending to […]

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Gold vs Cats (Infographic)

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Standard & Paws give Cats4Gold AAA rating

While the world’s biggest economies are being downgraded, market analysts Standard & Paws have just awarded Cats4Gold its coveted AAA rating. “These guys are clearly expurrts at high furnance,” enthused CEO Hirum Firum of Standard & Paws. “They’re realised stocks have dropped, bonds are bunkum, cash has crashed and gold is considerably less appealing than […]

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Looters hit Cats4Gold headquarters

Customers of Cats4Gold are advised of significant delays in receiving their cats, following the looting of their headquarters today. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are seeking to replensish our cat stocks as quickly as possible. Photo: Photoshoplooter

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‘Gold Traders’ Company Behind Spoof Cat Exchange Website

It would seem that the 2,085 people who attempted to exchange their gold for cats will be disappointed, as one of the UK’s leading gold exchange websites has admitted that they are the ones behind the hilarious spoof website Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd has revealed that they created the amusing site, which promises 100% catisfaction […]

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